Every home buyer desires to own a bigger house at a great location with loads of amenities and that too within a limited budget. However, in reality it's not that simple; one has to trade off among various options, check the supply, availability, prices, quality and ignore the lure of paid advertisements. We are here to sort out a home buyer's all confusions & supporting in their life's biggest decision. We help them in taking a rational decision backed by our innovative technology and database.

We are
Professional Experts
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Ethics Trust Transparency

Our dedicated team helps you in finding your suitable home based on extensive research, our exclusive database, and our industry expertise. Our core advisory principles are Trust, Transparency & Un-biased Approach.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to protect home buyers and advise them in most transparent manner.

In an extremely opaque and biased market, we are trying to create Trust.

We want to become a synonym of fair dealing in home buying market.

What Makes us Different

No adv., No Lures, No Push

Professional Team

BigBridge Homes’ has architects, civil engineers, urban planners, ex mortgage bankers and MBA professionals as core team members promising nothing but the top quality work delivery.

Save Brokerage

One Stop Shop

BigBridge deals in direct developer bookings as well as resale homes; buyers get instant home loans too. Once you visit BigBridge, you need not to worry for any of your Home buying related worries.

Save Brokerage


We assure you savings across the transactions, especially in the resale buying. Buyers get attractive discounts irrespective of housing society, location or developer.

Who We Are

BigBridge Homes, started by bunch of enthusiastic ex corporate professionals, enable home buyers in identifying and purchasing desirable homes in an unbiased & transparent environment. We are the first regional property portal of Noida– Greater Noida geography and operate like a data company. We help home buyers in matching their needs with market supply using our technology.

For concluding the transactions, BigBridge acts as a personal advisor for every home buyer, we assist them throughout their home buying process. It may include from home discovery, site visits, legal/ technical inspections, negotiations, paperwork, home loans etc.

We deal in all kind of gated community residential projects, but of reputed stable developers only.

Our Commitment to Home Buyers



BigBridge Homes is first of its kind platform experimenting to create trusted environment in real estate industry. We deal in stable developers only and do our research before showing to buyers.



We have best team, systems and practices in place. We are a young company and wants to create a difference in the industry. We are doing simple things with passion. Transparency is in our culture.



BigBridge never pushes for a particular project or developer. We have 100s of projects in our database and our technology matches your needs with the right kind of projects.

Our Story

Idea of BigBridge Homes brewed over a coffee meeting. Our founder, an Architect & alum of Harvard Business School, went to meet one of his college seniors, who shared his concern of not being able to buy a home due to market fear. He shared sad incidents of his cousins’ investments in high profile projects, who never got delivery, now paying both EMIs as well as rent. Due to this fear, he has delayed his buying decision so much that majority of desirable housing locations are beyond his budget now. It was a painful situation of a well earning professional in his mid-forties. Later in the day, our founder discussed the same incident with his wife, an Architect & Urban Planner, and both found countless such cases in their known circles around.

They concluded two points after the observations – 1) People delay their self-house purchase decision due to variety of reasons; including fear, ignorance, lack of guidance, misinformation etc. 2). There are countless advertisements of housing projects, every ad looks envious, but there is no neutral platform which can guide what is good to buy.

This was the turning point for Architects duo. Both had a great career in corporate investment, risk management and advisory profession in various real estate/ banking institutions. As an industry insider, they had a passion to advise their friends and family members for their respective home purchases. Soon they decided to turn their passion into a professional home search & advisory platform. They hired a young team from reputed real estate school and in nine months BigBridge home search platform is operational. BigBridge’ motive is to build trust, transparency and data driven decision making in this brokerage or advertisement driven industry.

Seven reasons why you should choose us

  • Entire BigBridge team consist of architects, civil engineers, urban planners, construction managers, mortgage managers, CAs, MBAs and alum of ivy league colleges.
  • We are an unbiased, transparent and technology driven platform.
  • We are not brokers, infact we bring various brokers under one umbrella; so that clients need not to connect with different brokers for different projects. BigBridge is your one stop solution for all requirements.
  • We are one of those large scale platforms dealing in secondary as well as primary home purchase.
  • We also caution you against negative projects and risky properties.
  • We provide doorstep home loans services.
  • In addition to our end to end professional services, we help you in huge savings on brokerage charges in resale transactions. You can save 40% - 100% on brokerage charges.